JAW Plumbing Qualified Plumbers Bloemfontein

What we do

JAW Plumbing specializes in:
Industrial and commercial plumbing services. New installations, construction, maintenance and any plumbing systems..

We are Qualified to do the folowing:
• Solar geysers • Leaking taps • Heat pumps • Water filters • Leaking pipes • Electric geysers • Block drains • Water lines • Burst pipes • Bathes, showers, basins

Who we are

JAW Plumbing Born in 2015
We are a new business started in 2015. As a new company, our goal is to earn your trust and build a healthy relationship through our professional work ethic. We value our clients and look forward to servicing them for many years to come. “TRUST IS EARNED OVER TIME “ .

Qualified in the folowing categories:
Plumbing precision, quality and passion are the building blocks of JAW Plumbing. We are PIRB registered registration no: 4199/14 Licensed Plumber, Qualified Plumber, Solar Qualified Installer and Heat Pump Qualified Installer.

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Cell: 076 4001 003


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